Who is Vovó Anamalia

Vovo Anamalia and the Orixa TraditionWho is Vovó Anamalia?

Cosmic Soul From The Folds Of The Universe

A beautiful and kind spiritual being, Vovó (Grandmother) was on earth long, long ago in Africa as a “Medicine Woman”.

Today Vovó lives within the folds of the universe, where the Orixás reside. The understanding of the Orixás is fundamental to her being. The Orixá Nanã is her protection. Vovó comes to earth again through the Medium Andrée.

In the Brazilian Spiritual Traditions, Vovó Anamalia comes from the lineage of Petra Velhas, who help people with their sufferings and difficulties in life. Vovó works with the Orixás, utilizing the natural energy formations within the universe to heal people and our earth.
Vovó also shows you how to experience the Orixás, found not only within the universe, but deep within your soul.

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