Sessions with Vovó Anamalia

Both private and group sessions are available with Vovó Anamalia

Vovó Anamalia is on the Cosmic Faculty of the Hayehwatha Institute

Vovó Anamalia lives within the “folds of the universe” as she describes it. Her knowledge of the structure of the universe is vast and she teaches how to connect with the consciousness and organization of the universe for protection and personal evolution.

In her last life on earth Vovó Anamalia lived in Africa and was considered a Medicine Woman among her people. Today Vovó works in the tradition of the Orixás, utilizing the natural energy formations within the universe to heal people and our earth.

Vovó Anamalia is a Cosmic Soul who comes through as a “full-body” incorporation, where Andrée is the Medium. Vovó first connected with Andrée in 1996.




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