The Development of Unity Consciousness

Understanding Consciousness

Today the word “consciousness” has become common. People understand the concept of consciousness intellectually. This video, by Andrée Morgana, goes into the development of unity consciousness as a direct, personal experience.

Andrée Morgana on the Development of Unity Consciousness

About Andrée Morgana

For the past 50 years Andrée has been researching the phenomenon of Unity Consciousness that is being explored in our country today as NonDuality and the Quantum Field.

Andrée has been primarily interested in direct experience, which for her, first included the identification of Consciousness and the awakening of Unbounded Consciousness as an all-time reality.

Soon after Andrée began to look into the spiritual realms of our Universe. She began to develop relationships with advanced cosmic souls who were able to teach her to how to look at Unity Consciousness from a different vantage point – outside our universe, free of all boundaries. This is new knowledge in the field of Consciousness today.

Andrée Morgana is the Visionary Founder of Hayehwatha Institute and University of the Universe, two nonprofit organizations located in Mount Shasta, focusing on bringing about a new understanding of Unity Consciousness.

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