A Meditation With Hayehwatha


Where did your Soul begin? Within or beyond the Universe?

These intensives form the core concepts of the Hayehwatha Institute.

Each person’s experience is unique to their own situation.

One person’s account of their meditation with Hayehwatha:

“I recently experienced an extraordinary journey with the spirit of the great Iroquois Peacemaker, Hayehwatha, who was manifested through the Medium Andree Morgana.

Hayehwatha guided me out of my body and deep into the Universe, to a vast energy that appeared to me as the original vesica piscis.

I journeyed into the center of this energy and was told that this was a place of visual, emotional and intellectual understanding, the birthplace of all that is, all that has been, and all that will be.

Personal information I received there has helped me to more deeply understand my place on Earth and who I am as a woman.

Throughout the experience I felt relaxed, safe, cared for, and open to receiving information in a new way.

I feel that this was possible because of the professional way the process was facilitated, and because of Andree’s integrity, loving respect for each of the participants, and deep spiritual connection to Hayehwatha.”

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