Need for a Retreat Center


Importance of Awareness

Awareness is the most sophisticated instrumentation available to human life

It is far more advanced than any scientific instrument on earth today.

If you can expand your awareness and view our universe from outside the universe, then you can look into the universe from another level of perspective to understand our universe and life within the universe in a profound and holistic way.

Why a Retreat Center

The Hayehwatha Institute is looking for individuals who understand the value of this phenomenon and the resulting possibilities, and who would like to participate in creating a facility, or retreat center, in Mount Shasta, California.

This retreat center will provide a place for people to come for extended periods of time to learn how to expand and hold their awareness beyond the universe; to learn how to work with the resources of the universe, and bring forth new understandings so that life can be lived in accord with the cosmic structure of the universe and beyond.

Building the Retreat Center

If you would like to participate in the creation of the Hayehwatha Institute Retreat Center, please contact Andrée Morgana today (see right sidebar for phone and email).

Land has been identified that is ideal for this project. It needs to be purchased and developed into a facility that can accommodate up to 20 people at a time who will have the physical comforts necessary to focus their time in a “meditative” retreat to explore the universe and beyond as a process for unfolding greater knowledge and understanding to benefit humanity today and in the future.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing this sophisticated and far reaching project

More Information about the Retreat Center

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