Donate To Fire Relief In Our Area

Hayehwatha Institute Recommendation

Hayehwatha Institute Recommendation

We were planning, for the first time, to participate in the Giving Tuesday Global Day of Giving. With the recent fires in our area, it is more important to give now to the Fire Relief Effort

This summer we had three major fires in our area

  • Carr Fire – 229,651 acres – 100% contained
  • Delta Fire – 60,681 Acres – 88% contained (9/20/2018)
  • Hirz Fire – 46,150 Acres – 100% contained

Shasta Regional Foundation has created a page for Carr Fire Donations

This fund is now active to accept donations in response to fires and natural disasters that affect the North State.  Donations will be directed for relief efforts for the Carr Fire that began west of the Redding area on July 23, 2018. Shasta Regional Community Foundation has a credible history of helping regional nonprofits and organizations with the ability to deliver monetary assistance efficiently and effectively toward the recovery of communities over time.

  • How will the money be used and other questions
  • Click here for frequently asked questions
  • 100% of your donation (excluding online credit card processing fees) will go to Carr Fire recovery efforts

If you still want to donate to Hayehwatha Institute

Here’s how to do that

As an early Donor you will have the opportunity to be listed on our websites homepages with your logo and link. Those giving more will have a custom personal page with information about you and your business with images and your website and social media links. Your information will remain on those websites through the end of 2018 and into 2019.

Please Note – Our Donation Packet was written when we were planning to receive donations through Giving Tuesday, put on by the Shasta Regional Foundation.  The information in the packet is still relevant for donations now

PayPal Giving Fund Hayehwatha Institute Help Us Make This A Reality For OthersAbout Hayehwatha Institute

Hayehwatha Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization located in Mount Shasta, California. Since our formation in 2004 we have been researching the phenomenon of awareness and see this topic as the next frontier of science.

While we offer the basic understanding and practices of all things consciousness, meditation and enlightenment, we have found a way to show people how to expand their awareness beyond the size of our universe. With an expanded awareness of that magnitude, other doors open, where one can explore and further understand who we are, where we are going and how we can get there in a better way. At the same time the practical benefits in every facet of daily living are significant; giving one the ability to see everything from a broader perspective.

The Best of Mt Shasta Discover Your Self HereAbout Mount Shasta

Our second focus of interest is the phenomenon of Mount Shasta, which has become a mecca every year for thousands of spiritual seekers throughout the world looking for direction and connection. Most of them say they were “called” to Mount Shasta. What is that about and how can it be proven scientifically? Beginning 2009, Hayehwatha Institute has provided annual summer events called The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival to give attention to the local people who live in the Mount Shasta area representing Native Healing, Self Discovery, Alternative Health & Wellness and Our Environment.

We are studying how it is that these featured local groups, along with the international spiritual visitors to the Mount Shasta area, can see and experience what others do not see or experience. These individuals are uncovering greater insights, no matter how unbelievable their findings may appear to be. Their new understandings are contributing to the awakening consciousness of our times.

Hayehwatha Institute has also been interviewing, what we call “Spiritual Women on the Move”, who are also called to Mount Shasta for a specific time to deepen their experiences and then are called to other areas throughout the United States and the world to bring healing and understanding to other people and places.

Online Courses

We want to bring these situations out of the realm of “woo woo” and skepticism, and into the world of science and understanding.

Through Giving Tuesday we will be seeking funds to create “online courses” for the following four websites: Hayehwatha Institute, Become A Seer, The Best of Mt Shasta and Spiritual Women on the Move. We will first create the same infrastructure for each of the four existing websites that will include prerecorded videos, ongoing interviews, webinars, workshops, extended courses and community forums.

How You Can Help hayehwatha Institute Mount Shasta CaliforniaHow You Can Help Us

To prepare for Giving Tuesday we have many costs that must be met before Giving Tuesday in November.  First, our application, fee and profile need to be submitted to Giving Tuesday by September 26. We have office and internet costs and must update our websites and social media to add our Giving Tuesday campaign and our first donor’s information. We have an email campaign to prepare and send several times to our subscribers and social media “friends’. We would like to also send out Facebook ads to our local area.

We deeply appreciate your help. Thank you very much!

A new door opening for us !!

If you want to participate in other ways, add your questions and comments below, or scroll to the bottom of the page and signup for our latest news.