Creation of Our Universe

Did the Big Bang Occur?

Regarding the creation of our Universe:

This image is commonly used by Science today to illustrate the Big Bang Theory, showing the cosmos going through a superfast “inflation”, expanding from the size of an atom to that of a grapefruit in a tiny fraction of a second.

Proposed by the Hayehwatha Institute

Knowledge from the Hayehwatha Institute shows the universe as first having it’s own presence, that folded upon itself, becoming smaller to create an environment called a universe. An organic flow of energies, folding upon themselves, organizing into a form smaller than it’s original presence.

It is the opposite of this drawing, where instead the outer rim of a Presence folds upon itself to create a new environment, not having to create a vacuum, or a Big Bang in order to exist.

Once that Presence creates a new environment, now called a Universe, that Presence remains within itself and from there creates all the phenomenon of its inner environment, the atoms, electrons, quarks, other particles, etc.

These creations become the forms for other Presences to inhabit, to participate in this new environment, upholding and maintaining the life of this new Universe.

Hayehwatha Institute Retreat Center

The Hayehwatha Institute provides programs to expand your awareness to see this incredible story; its history, its reality today and its future.

We are looking for individuals who can help us build a retreat center in Mount Shasta, California so that people can go deeply into their inner reality to expand their awareness to see into the universe and beyond; to bring new understandings about our universe and our place within that reality





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