Consultations and Readings with Andree and Vovo Anamalia

We can help you with your difficulties in life and show you how to see your true self
Consultations & Readings with Vovó Anamalia and Andrée

Reading Consultations with Vovo Anamalia and Andree Morgana © Hayehwatha Institute

Vovó Anamalia and Andrée

Your Consultation & Reading

I am a Spiritual Teacher as well as a Medium for Vovó Anamalia. We both give the Consultation & Reading to help you with your difficulties in life, here and now, as well as understand more of who you are throughout all of eternity, to include your past and your future.

During your reading I will ask if you want me or Vovó to give the reading. With Vovó, I can tell you what she is saying, or she will come through me and tell you directly. Either way, we are both here for you.

Schedule a Reading – You Won’t Regret It

Testimonial from Cynthia Greb for Vovo Anamalia and Andree of Hayehwatha Institute

“I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Vovó and Andrée. I’ve known them both for about 14 years! Both of them are dear friends. Andree is an extremely gifted medium.

Vovó melts my heart and lifts my soul with her grandmotherly voice and her wise, wise words. She truly does see what very few see and know what very few know. She has shared with me some very profound words about not only my life, but my origins. There aren’t many who can access that kind of information. Vovó can.

I always, always look forward to a conversation with Vovó and a visit with Andrée. Schedule a reading. You won’t regret it” – Cynthia Greb

From Jerry of the Famous San Francisco Crystal Fair

Testimonial from Jerry Tomlinson Pacific Crystal Guild for Vovo Anamalia and Andree at Hayehwatha Institute

Working with Andrée and Vovó was a delight. I had many sessions and got to drum for a few of them. Excellent.

Jerry Tomlinson
Director, Pacific Crystal Guild
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Availability Hours & Details

  • Wednesday thru Saturday, from 11 am to 3 pm (PST)
  • $90 for 30 minutes
  • $150 for 1 hour 
  • Readings/Consultations are by phone
  • Payment through PayPal (no refunds) 

Special Intro Offer - Half Price

  • $45 for 30 minutes
  • $75 for 1 hour 
  • Good through December 31, 2018

Make Appointment:

Phone Andree Morgana Hayehwatha InstituteContact Andrée by Phone
  • Call (530) 859-8591 and leave message
  • Leave name, phone number and why you are calling
  • Andrée will return the call to confirm your appointment and payment
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Orixas Divination Cards © Hayehwatha Institute-646x280

Divination Cards

We have Divination Cards that can be used in the reading that are based on the fundamental energies of our universe, that we know as fire, earth, water and air. These forces (called Orixás) are already an integral part of your body, heart and mind. This is a way to bring these forces into balance, to live your life in harmony and happiness.

About Andrée

My life has been one of service. I am 74 years, which in many ways has given me a lot of compassion and insights. I’ve been a Spiritual Teacher for 50+ years and a Medium for 20+ years.

In 1969 I went to India to become a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation. I was full time for 20 years (1969-1989) and taught thousands to meditate. In 1996 I went to Brazil each year for twelve years to learn to be a Medium (1996-2007).

The way I was taught in Brazil, they call it a full body incorporation. I leave my body but retain my awareness, and the Cosmic Souls come fully in my body to be present in the room to give their wisdom. I work with Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia, two highly evolved souls who were once on earth and now reside beyond our universe.

In 2008 I moved to Mount Shasta California, a worldwide destination for spiritual seekers.  I have noticed that the knowledge and experiences Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia are now providing, contain new information for our times, which can now come forward by virtue of the amazing mountain and surrounding nature in this area.

Mount Shasta California © Image Hayehwatha Institute