Learn About Awareness To Know Your Story Throughout Eternity

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This is a profound meditation, far ahead of it’s time, the future of science.

Learn how to expand your awareness to see and understand your story throughout eternity.

To Ponder About Awareness Before The Workshop

What is Awareness ?

Reliable Way to Teleport Data

Unconditional quantum teleportation
between distant solid-state quantum bits

Quantum Teleportation

A process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving location. 

Hayehwatha Institute

With all the advances in Science, the phenomena of AWARENESS, is still the most effective means for quantum teleportation.
The Hayehwatha Institute, located in Mount Shasta, California, provides programs to develop AWARENESS; to refine and awaken and broaden awareness itself. Once familiar with the phenomena of awareness, one can use awareness as a process to transport quantum information.
In addition, those scientists who actively engage in programs to refine, awaken and broaden their awareness will be those scientists who bring forth new understandings in the field of science.  It all begins within the awareness of the scientist.

The latest in Science regarding Teleporting Quantum Information:

Scientists in the Netherlands have moved a step closer to overriding one of Albert Einstein’s most famous objections to the implications of quantum mechanics, which he described as “spooky action at a distance.”

In a paper published on Thursday in the journal Science, physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology reported that they were able to reliably teleport information between two quantum bits separated by three meters, or about 10 feet.

Transferring Quantum Information

Quantum teleportation is not the “Star Trek”- style movement of people or things; rather, it involves transferring so-called quantum information — in this case what is known as the spin state of an electron — from one place to another without moving the physical matter to which the information is attached.

Classical bits, the basic units of information in computing, can have only one of two values — either 0 or 1. But quantum bits, or qubits, can simultaneously describe many values. They hold out both the possibility of a new generation of faster computing systems and the ability to create completely secure communication networks.

Notion of Entanglement

Moreover, the scientists are now closer to definitively proving Einstein wrong in his early disbelief in the notion of entanglement, in which particles separated by light-years can still appear to remain connected, with the state of one particle instantaneously affecting the state of another.

They report that they have achieved perfectly accurate teleportation of quantum information over short distances. They are now seeking to repeat their experiment over the distance of more than a kilometer. If they are able to repeatedly show that entanglement works at this distance, it will be a definitive demonstration of the entanglement phenomenon and quantum mechanical theory.

Greater Distances

Succeeding at greater distances will offer an affirmative solution to a thought experiment known as Bell’s theorem, proposed in 1964 by the Irish physicist John Stewart Bell as a method for determining whether particles connected via quantum entanglement communicate information faster than the speed of light.

“There is a big race going on between five or six groups to prove Einstein wrong,” said Ronald Hanson, a physicist who leads the group at Delft. “There is one very big fish.”

Reliability Elusive

In the past, scientists have made halting gains in teleporting quantum information, a feat that is achieved by forcing physically separated quantum bits into an entangled state.

But reliability of quantum teleportation has been elusive. For example, in 2009, University of Maryland physicists demonstrated the transfer of quantum information, but only one of every 100 million attempts succeeded, meaning that transferring a single bit of quantum information required roughly 10 minutes.

In contrast, the scientists at Delft have achieved the ability “deterministically,” meaning they can now teleport the quantum state of two entangled electrons accurately 100 percent of the time.

They did so by producing qubits using electrons trapped in diamonds at extremely low temperatures. According to Dr. Hanson, the diamonds effectively create “miniprisons” in which the electrons were held. The researchers were able to establish a spin, or value, for electrons, and then read the value reliably.

Network of Quantum Computers

In addition to the possibility of an impregnable quantum Internet, the research holds out the possibility of networks of quantum computers.

To date, practical quantum computers, which could solve certain classes of problems far more quickly than even the most powerful computers now in use, remain a distant goal. A functional quantum computer would need to entangle a large number of qubits and maintain that entangled state for relatively long periods, something that has so far not been achieved.

A distributed quantum network might also offer new forms of privacy, Dr. Hanson suggested. Such a network would make it possible for a remote user to perform a quantum calculation on a server, while at the same time making it impossible for the operator of the server to determine the nature of the calculation.


December Workshops

Mount Shasta WorkshopsUnique Teachings
100 Years Ahead of Their Time

  • December 1 – Interior of Your Soul
  • December 15 – The Universe & Beyond

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Each time you attend the workshops with Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia you’ll find yourself awakening to more of who you are.

December 1 – The Interior of Your Soul
An opportunity to see within Your Soul. The energetic forces of your soul are the same energetic forces within the universe. These forces are more refined than any of the components in your human body, and enlivening these forces brings greater harmony, balance and health to your life.

December 15 – The Universe & Beyond
Your awareness expands beyond the universe. With repeated experience the expansion of your awareness begins to come forward and you live your life spontaneously from that experience, giving you the ability to see and understand more of your life, as well as freedom and happiness.

Mount Shasta Workshops

Einstein’s Brain

Latest Scientific Research on Einstein’s Brain

The Importance of Enhanced Perception

Even though science is providing interesting research on Einstein’s brain, they will not be able to study the quality and development of Einstein’s Consciousness and Awareness, which allowed him to perceive the universe in ways that were not open to other people.
Einstein’s internal experience of perception would have developed first, with the physical brain changing to reflect Einstein’s developed perception. 
The Hayehwatha Institute provides programs to expand your awareness to see into the universe and beyond. The Institute welcomes Scientists to engage in these programs to refine and develop their perception. Contact the Institute today at hayehwathainstitute@gmail.com 

Latest News on the Scientific Research

Neuroscientists, along with pretty much everyone else, have long suspected that Albert Einstein’s brain was somehow unique. A new study now affirms these suspicions, showing that his genius may have arisen from the way the hemispheres of his brain were so well connected.

The new study is the first to detail Einstein’s corpus callosum — a thick band of nerve fibers that separates the cerebrum into left and right hemispheres. It connects the left and right sides of the brain, allowing for communication between both hemispheres, including the transmission of motor, sensory, and cognitive information.

In the new study, lead author Weiwei Men of East China Normal University’s Department of Physics developed a new technique to measure and compare the varying thickness of subdivisions of the corpus callosum along its length — the part of the brain where the nerves cross from one side to the other. The thickness of these subdivisions indicate the number of nerves that cross, thus showing how “connected” the two sides of the brain are in specific regions — regions that facilitate different functions depending on where the fibers cross along the length. For example, hand movements are represented toward the back, while mental arithmetic along the back.

After Einstein died, his brain was removed and photographed from multiple and unconventional angles. His brain was also sectioned into 240 blocks, from which many slides were created.

Also, 14 photographs were recently recovered, giving neuroscientists yet more data to work with. And in fact, this information was used by Florida State University’s Dean Falk to show that Einstein had a rather unique prefrontal cortex. Falk has also shown that inferior portions of the primary somatosensory and motor cortices were significantly expanded in his left hemisphere.

This Is Why Einstein's Brain Was Better Than Yours

Albert Einstein’s corpus callosum, connecting the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain. The colors indicate the varying thicknesses of subdivisions of the corpus callosum (credit: Weiwei Men et al./Brain).

Using this information, Men compared Einstein’s brain to two different sample groups: 15 elderly men, and 52 men aged 26. This particular age was chosen was because that’s how old Einstein was in 1905 — his “miracle year” when he published four articles that revolutionized physics and our conceptions of space, time, mass, and energy.

This Is Why Einstein's Brain Was Better Than YoursSEXPAND

Credit: Weiwei Men et al./Brain.

The researchers discovered that Einstein’s corpus callosum was thicker in the vast majority of subregions than the corresponding sections in the two controls. More specifically, Einstein’s corpus callosum was thicker in the rostrum, genu, midbody, isthmus, and (especially) the splenium compared with younger controls.

So, did the well-connected corpus callosum contribute to Einstein’s genius? Probably — but it’s not the whole story. It’s clear that he had other neurological attributes that contributed as well, including an exceedingly high ratio of glial cells and a prefrontal cortex of “extraordinary” size. Taken together, these traits may have allowed for his remarkable visuospatial and mathematical abilities, along with his predilection for thought experiments.

Read the entire study at Brain: “The corpus callosum of Albert Einstein‘s brain: another clue to his high intelligence?

Article from io9

Google’s View of Cern

State of the Art Technology to Observe The Universe

Google Map of CernHave you seen Google’s Street View Map of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern?

The physical structure at Cern is amazing and the research incredible.

When you look at the complexity of the physical layout of Cern and the magnitude of the research going on at Cern – be cognizant that the phenomena of AWARENESS is far more sophisticated, detailed and intricate.

AWARENESS is an area yet to be explored by scientists with the same intensity that some of the world’s best physicists and engineers are applying to advanced particle accelerators as a procedure to help solve age old questions about the universe — What is is made of? How did it start? 

The Hayehwatha Institute provides programs to understand the phenomena of awareness itself by learning how to refine and expand awareness to see into the Universe and Beyond.

The Institute is located in Mount Shasta, California, home to an amazing mountain which, for reasons yet to be fully explained, allows one to see more clearly into the realms of awareness, consciousness, subtler realms of nature, other dimensions, spirituality – how ever you want to define these realities.  

The Hayehwatha Institute needs to build a retreat center where people can devote more time (weekends, a week at a time, or even a month) to explore this phenomena of awareness, that is far more sophisticated that what has been built at CERN. The location of Mount Shasta along with the programs offered by the Hayehwatha Institute provide the ideal setting to observe and understand the importance and usefulness of AWARENESS.

The Hayehwatha Institute is looking for those individuals who appreciate and value the exploration of awareness to better understand the Universe; it’s history, environment and connections to humankind.

Google Maps Street View allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to take a peek into its laboratories, control centers and its myriad underground tunnels housing cutting-edge experiments. Street View also lets scientists working on the experiments, who may be on the other side of the world, explore the equipment they’re using.

Here are some photos with more information:


Large Hadron Collider at Cern

This is the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC beauty experiment will shed light on why we live in a universe that appears to be composed almost entirely of matter, but no antimatter. Learn more here.


ATLAS Detector at Cern

This is the the 7000-tonne ATLAS detector. From a cavern 100 metres below a small Swiss village, it’s probing for fundamental particles including the Higgs Boson



ALICE is a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider ring. It’s designed to study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called quark-gluon plasma forms.


Compact Muon Solenoid at Cern

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is a general-purpose detector at the Large Hadron Collider. It’s designed to investigate a wide range of physics, including the search for the Higgs boson, extra dimensions, and particles that could make up dark matter.