Learn About Awareness To Know Your Story Throughout Eternity

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This is a profound meditation, far ahead of it’s time, the future of science.

Learn how to expand your awareness to see and understand your story throughout eternity.

To Ponder About Awareness Before The Workshop

What is Awareness ?

Vovo Anamalia and Orixa Tradition at Temple of Intention Mount Shasta

Vovo Anamalia and the Orixa Tradition at Temple of Intention Mount Shasta

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Deep Study of Our Universe within You

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Orixá Tradition

The Orixás are the fundamental energy formations within our universe as well as within your soul and throughout your human body.


This workshop deepens your connection with your soul and our universe while you become familiar with the vibrations of these energies through an ancient tradition of drum, song and the movement of dance.

Vovó Anamalia

Vovó Anamalia will facilitate the workshop. She is a beautiful and kind Cosmic Soul who was on earth long, long ago in Africa as a “Medicine Woman”. Today Vovó (Grandmother) lives within the folds of our universe, where the Orixás reside, and comes to earth through the Medium Andrée.


Andree Morgana Presenter The Best of Mt Shasta 2017

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2 Hour Meditation into Our Universe & Beyond

With Hayehwatha (Medium Andrée) 

  • 6:30 pm – Sunday, July 23, 2017
  • Mt Shasta City Park in the Lower Lodge
  • Description below video

Andrée Morgana, 2017 Presenter at The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival

Explore Our Universe and Beyond to Know Your Story

Hayehwatha’s meditation will show you how to expand your awareness beyond the size of our earth, our galaxy and our universe. Once outside the universe Hayehwatha will show you how to merge with Original Source, the Absolute, God, the Creator; your Original Experience. From there to remember how it was you first came forth as a Presence and when you first entered our universe, galaxy and earth. This profound and deep meditation opens the door to begin to explore your reality throughout the eternity of time; to better understand who you are, and how you are connected to all of life everywhere.


2017 The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival

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July 21-23 at Mt Shasta City Park

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The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival

Discover Your Self Here

Meet the people who call the Mountain their home !

Since 2009 the Hayehwatha Institute has produced The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival, held each summer at the Mt Shasta City Park in Mt Shasta, California.

Mt Shasta is a spiritual destination for people from all over the world seeking solace, reflection and profound spiritual connections.

This conference and festival provides an intimate setting where the presenters and participants get to know one another. Friendships are formed and thought provoking conversation and leading edge knowledge are discussed one on one, and in small groups, throughout the three days, accompanied by profound experiences, and people walk away transformed. It’s amazing to see.

Andree Morgana Presenter Wesak Mt Shasta 2017

Friday May 12 – Sunday May 14, 2017

Andree Morgana – Presenter Wesak Mount Shasta 2017

FRIDAY, MAY 12 (7:55 pm)

Andree will talk about how she came upon the knowledge to see into our universe and beyond; a research project that has spanned 50 years that first included the identification of consciousness and the awakening of unbounded consciousness as an all-time reality, and from there learning to see into the spiritual realms of our universe and developing relationships with advanced cosmic souls who were able to teach her to how to expand her awareness beyond our universe to see more details of her story throughout the eternity of time.

SATURDAY MAY 13 (11:30 am)

Andree will bring in Vovó Anamalia who will talk about the fundamental forces of our universe, how they formed and how they are found within you.

SUNDAY MAY 14 (7:00 pm)

Andree will bring in Hayehwatha who will guide you in a meditation beyond our universe to know more of your story with reference to the formation of our universe and when you first entered our universe, our galaxy and our earth.

Andree Morgana Presenter Wesak Mt Shasta 2017MORE INFORMATION

Human awareness is the most sophisticated technology available and with guidance you can learn to expand your awareness, beyond the size of our universe, to observe greater details of our universe and beyond and understand your connectedness with all of life everywhere.

This is the next frontier of science; to observe, research and understand our universe and beyond from direct personal experience rather than relying solely on scientific instruments, theory and mathematics.

Andree Morgana is the Visionary Founder of Hayehwatha Institute, University of the Universe and The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival