The Soul of Our Universe and The Universe of Your Soul

Orixas - The Soul of Our Universe and The Universe of Your Soul

Orixas – The Soul of Our Universe and The Universe of Your Soul

An Awakening

The Interior of Your Soul and

The Organizing Power of the Universe

The Universe and the energetic forces within the Universe are alive. They are aware of themselves and they are aware of you. They have personality, intelligence and wisdom. Understand our Universe and directly experience how the organizing power of the Universe, along with its energetic forces, are within your Soul. This profound awakening aligns you with our Universe and brings greater fullness, harmony and balance to your life.

About Vovó Anamalia

Vovó Anamalia was last on earth in Africa as a ‘Medicine Woman’ among her people, upholding a tradition where this knowledge has been kept alive for thousands of years. Vovó provides a new understanding for our generation of our Universe and its forces, called Orixás

Workshop Details

  • 3 Hour Workshop with Vovó Anamalia, a Cosmic Soul, through the Medium Andree
  • Sunday, May 25 from Noon to 3 pm
  • Followed by a potluck, bring food to share
  • Held at a private residence in the Mount Shasta area
  • For directions
  • Sponsored by the Hayehwatha Institute, a Nonprofit Organization
Ifa Divination - Personal Sessions Provided By The Hayehwatha Institute

Ifa Divination -Personal Sessions Provided By The Hayehwatha Institute


2014 April Programs

Time To Embrace This RealityApril 13 from 12 to 4 pm

A New Understanding of Peace on Earth

It’s time to embrace this reality!

The organizing power of the universe is greater than the influence of the planets, star systems, galaxies and our own physiology with the chakra system, DNA and the like.

Hayehwatha, through the medium Andree, provides a meditative journey to expand your awareness beyond the universe, to experience Your Presence larger than the universe and to understand those moments when you first entered our universe.

As you connect with the Presence of the Universe you see how Your Presence is an integral part of the universe and you begin to live your life from that level of experience, bringing forward the influence of the universe into all aspects of your life on earth; greater harmony, balance, stability, freedom and peace.

Workshop is Noon to 4 pm, Potluck to follow, bring food to share
$20 at door, $10 in advance. Go to
Held at a private residence in the Mount Shasta, California area
For Directions call 530.918.8511 or

Sponsored by the Hayehwatha Institute – A Nonprofit Organization

Time To Embrace This Reality

2014 March Programs

Become A Seer of the Universe & Beyond To Know Your Story

Event Details:

If there are 10 or more people who are outside of Mount Shasta, we can arrange to connect you to the workshop through Google Hangouts. Contact us today, if that is of interest to you.

Hayehwatha Institute Programs 2014

December Workshops

Mount Shasta WorkshopsUnique Teachings
100 Years Ahead of Their Time

  • December 1 – Interior of Your Soul
  • December 15 – The Universe & Beyond

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Each time you attend the workshops with Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia you’ll find yourself awakening to more of who you are.

December 1 – The Interior of Your Soul
An opportunity to see within Your Soul. The energetic forces of your soul are the same energetic forces within the universe. These forces are more refined than any of the components in your human body, and enlivening these forces brings greater harmony, balance and health to your life.

December 15 – The Universe & Beyond
Your awareness expands beyond the universe. With repeated experience the expansion of your awareness begins to come forward and you live your life spontaneously from that experience, giving you the ability to see and understand more of your life, as well as freedom and happiness.

Mount Shasta Workshops