Hayehwatha Institute Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Hayehwatha Institute, located in Mt Shasta, California, provides an opportunity to study the universe and beyond, and to experience the forces within the universe and beyond as they relate to you and your life.

The programs bring about a profound and deep spiritual awakening and, over time, your highest evolution within the eternity of time.

Impact Statement

The Hayehwatha Institute:

  • One Hundred Years Ahead of It’s Time
  • A New Understanding of Peace on Earth
  • Your Observatory to the Universe and Beyond To Know Your Story
  • A Spiritual Destination

The Orixas and the Healing Waters of Mount Shasta

Vovo Anamalia,  Orixas and the Healing Waters of Mount Shasta

Vovo Anamalia, Orixas and the Healing Waters of Mount Shasta

As told by Andrée Morgana:

The Orixas and the Healing Waters of Mount Shasta

When I first moved to Mount Shasta in the summer of 2008, I began to go regularly to the Headwaters at the Mount Shasta City Park.  This is a place where the water comes from the mountain. People from all over the world come to this place to get water, as they say it is very pure and filled with healing qualities.

Water Has A Voice

One day when I was there filling a container with water I heard the waters say that I should sing songs of the Orixás when filling the bottle and the influence of the Orixás will come into the water. Then I heard to take these bottles and “dress” them in the colors of the various Orixás. Further I heard that when people drink of this particular water, they will receive the healing from the mountain as well as the blessings and protection from the Orixás.

Orixa Oxum Water Element and Fundamental Force of Our Universe

Orixa Oxum Water Element and Fundamental Force of Our Universe

Our Participation Is Important

I have been doing this every month since 2008.  These days I can perceive the waters are appreciative of my recognition of the fundamental forces found within these waters, as well as my participation in helping to facilitate the enlivening of these forces so that when others drink of the waters they will receive those forces for their own healings.  All that to say, we as individuals have an opportunity to actively engage with our universe and it’s interactions with our earth. We can be participants in the process of our universe healing us, others, and our earth.

What are the Orixás?

Orixás are energy formations, or vibrations that form the fundamental structures of our universe. These energy formations can also be found on earth as well as within the human physiology. In the past there were great Seers who perceived these energy formations and who showed others how to connect with the life nourishing qualities that these energies have to offer. There are cultures and traditions that have kept alive this understanding of the Orixás and today this knowledge is becoming available to the American people.

For more information on the Orixás

Vovó Anamalia Opens the Door to the Orixás

Vovó Anamalia opens the door to the Orixás

Vovo Anamalia opens the door to the Orixás

IFA Divination Tray

Each time Vovó Anamalia appears, she draws a circle. In early 2007 Andrée saw a Yoruba divination tray and was amazed to see the similarity to Vovó’s circles.

Andrée did not grow up in the Yoruba tradition of the Orixás, has only become familiar with the tradition in the past 14 years and relies completely on Vovó to give the Orixá knowledge.

Vovó says she sees from above looking down on the earth and not within the 3rd dimension so that her “cardinal points” are different. Vovó says she uses her circle to connect people with the forces of the universe, as a portal.

Vovó has evolved a way to convey her wisdom by using modern methods such as colored candles and the like. It is amazing to see how closely aligned her knowledge is with the tradition of the Orixás.

Private one-on-one sessions are available with Vovó Anamalia