The Story of Hayehwatha and Andree

The Return of Hayehwatha

How Andrée came to connect with Hayehwatha

Even though Hayehwatha was on earth a long time ago, his presence is felt today. If you go on the internet you will see many websites by the Iroquois / Haudenosaunee people where Hayehwatha is featured as one of the people who created the Iroquois Confederacy and brought peace to those nations.

Andree’s Story

“This is the story of how I came to be connected with Hayehwatha. I see Hayehwatha in the sky, in the spiritual planes within and beyond the universe. Hayehwatha incorporates fully into my body and he speaks through me.”

It is a big responsibility to provide the possibility for Hayehwatha to return to earth while he remains within the spiritual. Initially I did not want to become a Medium for Hayehwatha, but  I see the importance and uniqueness of what Hayehwatha is doing now to bring about peace on earth.

The Story Begins with Brazil

I live in California. In 1996 I became involved in a spiritual group from Brazilian that was in California at the time. It was through their tradition that I was first introduced to Hayehwatha. I went to Brazil every year for 12 years to learn their spiritual traditions.

One aspect of their tradition is to teach people how to connect with the spiritual plane that exists within the universe, how to establish a relationship with spiritual beings that exist in the spiritual plane, and how to incorporate those spiritual beings so that they can transmit their wisdom, love and light to help other people.

Tradition of the Orixás

The Brazilian tradition is similar to many Native American traditions in that they view the universe made up of elemental forces, energies, that have basic spiritual qualities of fire, earth, water and air. Within the Brazilian tradition these qualities of energy are called Orixás. There are 2,684 known qualities, which are further simplified into 386 qualities, then 68, then 16 qualities. Today they work primarily with the 16 qualities. For more information on the Orixás, click here

In the Brazilian tradition, when the spiritual beings make a connection with an individual, they come on earth through one of these qualities.

The Orixá Xangó

In 1996 when when one of the Brazilian teachers started to work with me, they confirmed that the spiritual being who wanted to connect with me was working in the line of Xangô, an element of fire. At that time they created an opportunity for that spiritual being to connect with me. I started to spin and spin. I could perceive a presence from the spiritual plane working with me and moving my body.

Chief Hayehwatha

In December 1996 I went to Brazil for the first time to attend a workshop. The first night I slept very little and was restless the entire night. Throughout the night I kept seeing an Indian in white. He was very wise with a full headdress of white feathers.

When I returned to California, one night I felt this Indian’s presence, he was speaking Native American words and he told me he is a Chief and in the spiritual world he teaches Chiefs how to be Chiefs.

Library Research

One month later I felt compelled by this Indian to go to the local library. I was not drawn to any of the books in the adult section so I went to the children’s section. I immediately, randomly, picked three books and took them home. The first book that I opened I went to a page that had the story of an Iroquois Indian. At that moment I knew I was reading about the Indian who had made a connection with me. That was the first time that I knew his name is Hayehwatha.

Later that month I saw the presence of another Native American Indian in my home. He had come to check me out. I recognized him as Tadaho (Adadarho/Tadadaho).

Education regarding Hayehwatha

I grew up in California during the 1950’s. My education included only a little history of the Native American Indians. I had read the Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but I was not familiar with Hayehwatha of the Iroquois Indians. I later found out the two were quite different.

In 1998 I felt Hayehwatha requesting me to research his history, so I went to the Internet. It was “an eye opener” what I saw and what I learned. I learned about Hayehwatha, the Iroquois Confederacy, our Forgotten Fathers and the Wampum Beads. On this website those materials are referenced and links are provided.

Hayehwatha’s Clothes

A few months later Hayehwatha showed me how he looks now in the universe, ceremonial clothes of white leather with fringes. Hayehwatha also showed me his pipe. The pipe is white with some turquoise and coral pieces. He again showed me his full headdress of large white feathers.

Hayehwatha’s Appearance

Initially Hayehwatha appeared to me in several ways – Sometimes Hayehwatha appeared as a younger Indian ready for dance – strong with vitality. Other times Hayehwatha appeared as very old and wise with the regalia of the white feathers. His presence is always very powerful and all knowing. His awareness is broad like the sky.

Iroquois Song

In 1998 I was introduced to one of the songs, called Pontos, from the Brazilian tradition. For me, it was another moment of authenticity. One of the Spiritual Beings that had made a connection with their group many years ago was an Iroquois Indian. This Being came to support the development of their group. They created a song for him.

In Portuguese:
Mato Kiamba e Mato Kiamba
Mato Kiamba Noriquá Mato Kiamba
Sr. Noriquá é da Pele Vermelha
Ele vem da Aldeia lá do Canadá
Sr. Noriquá é um cacique heroi
Ele vem da Aldeia para nós salvar

Noriquá Auê Auê Noriquá

Chief Oskenonton

Also in 1998 one of my friends, who collects Native American Indian art called to tell me she had some new items. I asked her if she had any pipes. She had a photo of two pipes. I went to see them. One of pipes looked exactly like the pipe that Hayehwatha had shown me and it was an Iroquois pipe! For me, this was a moment to verify that my experiences with Hayehwatha are true.The pipe my friend showed me, I now have. The pipe belonged to Chief Oskenonton, who was born May 27, 1886 into the Bear Clan of the Mohawk tribe in Canada. His family sold the pipe in an estate sale.

The Institute

In 2000 Hayehwatha directed me to go to the Internet to further research the Iroquois people. I found a book called Concerning the League, dictated in 1912 by Chief John Arthur Gibson.

During this time, my ex-husband, Lew Leonard, came to California to say “goodbye” because he had cancer and he knew that he was going to die (which happened later that year). While I was reading to Lew from the book, Concerning the League, the room filled with light and the Peacemaker, Deganawidah came into the room. Deganawidah told me that I will be incorporating both Deganawidah and Hayehwatha, and he said that I would incorporate him (Deganawidah) only on very special occasions. After that experience Lew suggested to start a non-profit organization for Hayehwatha to be called the Hayehwatha Research Institute.

Hayehwatha’s Methods of Connection

In the drawings of the Orixás, Hayehwatha expands my awareness so that I am outside our galaxy looking across the universe. From across the universe Hayehwatha projects images and I draw them. Hayehwatha says the drawings serve the same function as the wampum beads – as an invitation – an invitation to draw a person into the universe, to experience and understand the natural laws of the universe.

The most dramatic connection is a “full body incorporation” whereby the light, energy and personality of Hayehwatha enters my body and uses my body and mind to move, think and speak. Those are the moments where Hayehwatha interacts with other people.  Hayehwatha takes people on a meditative journey into the universe and beyond, to give them a greater understanding of life and to use the resources of the universe to bring peace on earth.

At this moment (2011) I know of no other programs providing this type of knowledge where people have their own personal experience of what Hayehwatha is showing them in the universe and beyond. It is very powerful and transformative for the people involved.

Mount Shasta Experience

When I was in Mount Shasta in 2001, Hayehwatha showed me a tall Evergreen Tree in the spiritual plane that has Power, Strength and is Steadfast. He showed me that one’s Will can transform with evolution and in time take on the proportions of Cosmic Will. Hayehwatha comes to earth through Cosmic Will to aid the evolution of humanity into the light while humanity is still on earth.

I moved to Mount Shasta in the summer of 2008. Several times each month workshops are available to the general public.There are now hundreds hours of audio and video tapes recording Hayehwatha’s conversations in the past several years. The Institute is looking for funds to translate the tapes so that the material is available for other people.I hope this information is of value to you.
If you wish to contact me:Email Andree
Edited 2011 January

How The Peacemaker Came To Earth

Where Does the Peacemaker Reside?

Hayehwatha talks about the Peacemaker and his Family

The Peacemakers Arrival[A] woman from Ontario, Canada requested a personal session with Hayehwatha, which was given over the phone.  Hayehwatha, who came through the Medium Andrée, spoke to the women about the Peacemaker, who was responsible for The Great Law of Peace

[A]ndrée has been working with Hayehwatha since 1996. During those years there has been only one other time Hayehwatha has spoken about the where the Peacemaker resides. In this session Hayehwatha also speaks of how the Peacemaker and his family came to earth to show people how to live in peace.

[A]t the end of the session Hayehwatha says a few words about how his people will bring about peace today.

How The Peacemaker and His Family Came To Earth

Transcript – Recorded January 2013

[H]ayehwatha took the woman on a guided meditation into the universe and beyond; a journey for her to directly experience what Hayehwatha was showing her.  The transcript begins where they are outside of our universe:

“And now you can see your universe beginning to recede behind you. And there you are in a beautiful environment of light. And your universe is moving away from you, and still knows you, but it has let you go.

And this new environment knows you, welcomes you, and shows you that in all directions there are universes. How beautiful they are, light within light, knowingness within knowingness, environments within environments of light.

And you are so aware of all the Presences of those universes, and they are so aware of all of you. And they rejoice that you are now among them once again. And you feel a free-ness and you breathe freely.  And you are surrounded by other Presences that exist within this environment that holds all of those universes. And these Presences are unbounded, expanded, like you. And they recognize you, they acknowledge you, they welcome you. Rejoice in their Presences.

They prepare you; they fill you with other qualities of light that have a brightness that you have never experienced while in your own universe. They awaken the brilliancy of all of these lights within your expanded presence. And your breath expands in all directions. And you continue to breath. And let this expanded breath come and go. You are being prepared.

And so these Presences, expanded as they are, in all directions, begin to recede away from you. And there you are in the environment of all of these universes that are filled with light, that are filled with love, and there is one that calls you.

And you feel a great joy in your heart; you feel a great love in your heart. It is irresistible and you flow toward that beautiful bright, bright, bright universe. And that universe embraces you. And so you fold within that universe, and you enter a universe filled with light. Everywhere you look, filled with love. Everywhere you look is filled with peace, and it is filled with perfection. And there are beautiful Presences within that universe that are filled with light, that come forward to great you. You recognize them.

There is the Mother, there is the Grandmother, and there is their son. And the love for you is more than you can imagine, for you are of those Presences. Many things are told and shared in this moment. Breathe, absorb. Receive even though you may not fully understand what it is you are receiving. Breathe, receive.

Everywhere you look there is peace, everywhere you look there is kindness; everywhere you look there is beauty. And they show you around, where they reside, how they live. Breathe. Everywhere you look there is that brilliant light that embraces you, receive that light, receive their understanding.

They have many things to tell you, of who they are. For eons of time they exist within this perfection of life. Feel their love and their light as they embrace you. Their life is so far removed from your universe.

Long, long ago… Understand how I say it, for it will be difficult to absorb… Long, long ago, you left the earth with others, and you took a similar journey we just took, through your universe, and you left your universe, and you met with all those wonderful Presences. You were looking for something, you were looking for help. And you were guided to this universe and to these beautiful Presences. Your voice was heard.

As unbelievable as it may seem to you, I speak to you of truth.

And so after long, long preparations and considerations, for them to leave their moment of perfection, for them to leave their universe, that was the difficult moment for them. And so they traveled together, and you and others showed them the way. As unbelievable as it may seem to you, I speak the truth.

And so they were shown, as you were shown a long time ago when you first entered your universe, how to take your presence, which is larger than your universe, and how to fold it within the folds of your universe, in order to enter the environment of your universe; long periods of time for that adjustment, and so it occurred, that moment for them.

And once again as they approached your galaxy, all the Presences that maintain and uphold your galaxy, were there to greet them. And they had to be shown how to take their Presence, as you once a long time ago were shown, how to fold your presence within itself, in order to enter into the fabric of your galaxy, which is smaller than who you are. And so it was done for them.

But they never lost their light, they never lost their knowingness. They never lost their awareness of who they are, and why they have made this journey, and why they have come to your galaxy.

And so in time they were shown around so they could acclimate to this environment of your galaxy.

And then they saw what you had been speaking about, that beautiful planet you call the earth. And there the earth was waiting for them with great love. And that moment for all of them was a moment to behold, for they greeted one another in their perfection, in their knowingness, in their understanding. And the earth was pleased to know that her grief would be lifted in time.

And so great preparations were undertaken; they had to be introduced to all those Presences that by now had created the phenomenon of the human form. And so you watched as they were learning all about that.

But they made a request:  They would all come in together. They would not enter the earth in what had become customary at that time, with a mother and a father and then a child is born.

So they were shown how to enter upon the earth in what was called an Etheric Body. And all three came at the same time. And I speak to you of truth.

And they were shown where to go. And the Earth greeted them, and prepared a place for them where they could be kept private, as they adjusted to the environment of the Earth.

And so those beautiful trees that existed on the Earth at that time, greeted them, and took them into their environment.

And as they began to be accustomed to that environment, and all that exists within the purity of the earth, and what she has created. When they were welcomed by all the animals, and all of the plants and all of the trees, they found their spot.

And slowly through time they were able to make what you could call physical forms, first with the eldest, and then with the second. And they chose to take the form of women, and one would be the Grandmother, and one would be the Mother. And there they were in the quietness of that new land.

And from there they learned, from the universe that had still stayed with them, and from the Earth herself, how to create a Child, that could be born in what was called upon the Earth at that time, a normal way.

And so it came to pass. Always maintaining their awareness of why they were there, who they are, and where they came from

And then as the child began to grow, that is when their introduction to the environment of people began to be shown to them. For it was a great surprise to be among these people, and their ways with one another.

And so they breathed in those moments, and they learned of all of that, and they learned how it would be that the Peacemaker would have to be among them for them to hear his words.

And so there came a time when he built that which was called the stone canoe and rode upon the lake to be witnessed by the people.

And so there you have it. The Peacemaker knew how to keep his light when he was in the environment of the people, which was very dark. And I had the good fortune to be chosen to be his spokesperson, for all the grief in my heart was lifted in that moment, when I could stand beside him and speak his words.

And so our people have been fairly accurate, in keeping the story.

I have remained, not upon the earth, but as who I am now, around the earth, for I have not left our people.

[A]nd there will come a day upon the earth when these people will be heard by the governments of the world, for they will speak the message of peace and the good way. And it will be through these people that that which you call your military throughout the world will begin to change.”


Painting of the Peacemaker and the Stone Canoe by Marcine Quenzer


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A Family Story

Napalm Test at Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1942

Napalm Test at Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1942

How Peace and War Affect A Family

My Father, Morley Morgana

A Family Story as told by Andrée Morgana

I see things differently from the comments by my nephew, Lance (see below). This is my response: 

I am the oldest daughter of Morley Morgana, who got his BA, MA and PhD at Harvard by the time he was 24. My father was a brilliant thinker and one of the Phd candidates chosen to create Napalm. This is something that will live with my father and family for a long time – all the deaths attributed to Napalm…

The way I see it, people are too quick to see one another as the enemy that needs to be destroyed. Peace can only be brought about peacefully, with respect for all the people on the earth. People need to have a meal together, talk with one another, find common ground, and live together from that level.

My father, Morley Morgana did that. Later in his life he became a consultant to a Japanese Corporation. He had a great respect for and honored the men he worked with, and, over time, they in turn considered him a great friend. I think my father found a new way to be with people…peacefully

Peace St Jerome 1492 Removing The Thorn

Peace St Jerome 1492 Removing The Thorn

Where I was in 1942

That photo from Harvard Yard was taken in 1942. I was born in 1944. I have a distinct memory of being above the earth, observing what was happening. Then I had the experience of being nudged to enter the earth quickly, before I was ready, and I plunged forward to enter the birth process.

I was born into a family that was filed with strife. Among those early days there was a Presence at my side from time to time, that was Hayehwatha. When I was two years old my parents divorced and two years later my mother brought my brother and me from Michigan to California.

This print of St Jerome Removing The Lion’s Thorn was on the wall of my bedroom until I left home to go to college. I grew up with a deep longing for peace in my heart.

When I was in high school I went on peace marches and attended an event with Martin Luther King. My term paper for one of my classes was about the influence of Jesus on Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

In 1969 I went to India to become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program.  Ever since that time I have been teaching people how to experience the peace and happiness within themselves.

I re-connected with Hayehwatha in 1996 in a new way, by learning how to be a Medium for Hayehwatha and also for Vovó Anamalia.

Today the Hayehwatha Institute provides programs to awaken people, to see a fuller picture of who they are, how they are connected to the universe and beyond, and how bring peace to the earth.

My Nephew, Lance

These are my nephew’s comments, posted on Facebook, along with the Napalm photo on this post

“Our grandparents were once asked to save the world and they did. Some stormed beaches, some jumped behind enemy lines and my grandfather blew up soccer fields at Harvard till those men had better weapons than the enemy. Thank you for our freedom.We miss you, Guy.”

(Photo – Detonation of Napalm M47 Device, Harvard University, 4 July 1942)





Whirling Rainbow An Ancient American Indian Prophecy

Whirling Rainbow An Ancient American Indian Prophecy

Whirling Rainbow An Ancient American Indian Prophecy

Another way to view the Return of Hayehwatha…

The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk among us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all.

We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever.

There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.”


From Native Spirits Tribal Community